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Milan Prevention Coalition

Here to help the Milan community in prevention
and education of drug and alcohol abuse.

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The Milan Prevention Coalition seeks to create, support and
maintain a safe, healthy and drug-free community.

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At Milan Prevention Coalition, we have the resources and tools you need to create a healthy, drug-free environment for yourself and your community.

More Than


of Tennesseans — roughly 400,000 — use or abuse alcohol or drugs.

Did you know?

Tennessee Ranks 3rd

in the country for prescription drug abuse across all demographics.

In Tennessee, 70%

of people who use prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons get them from friends or relatives.


Can’t get enough of Milan Prevention Coalition? Get in contact and join us on our many community events where we help Milan learn more about drug and alcohol abuse, the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, and tools and resources to help the Milan community.

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