Support Our Cause

Want to be involved but don’t have the time?
Donate to our cause and be a part of success for prevention!

Support Our Cause

As a non-profit, we rely on our community to help keep us strong! If you are wondering how you can get involved without giving up your time, this is a great way to do it. We accept cash, check, and online payments. 

Support Our Scholarships

One of the many things your donation will support is our scholarship fund for the youth! Milan Prevention Coalition is proud to be able to give out two $1,000 scholarships annually to Milan High School seniors who have been involved in the Youth Advisory Council or with our prevention efforts in our community. We value being able to support our youth in their future endeavors and in their endeavors to keep their communities drug free!

About Your Donation

Choose a Specific Fund or Cause

Is there a specific reason for your donation? Want to learn more about where your money goes? Contact us today and let us know how we can provide more clarity on where your dollars go.

Give a One-Time Gift

Donations don’t have to be long term. We know that you may have other organizations to give to or don’t have the means to give every month. That’s okay! Every penny counts towards our goal of making our Milan community drug-free.

Helping Our Community

With your donation, we will be able to provide Milan with tools, seminars, training, lockboxes, and more! These are all ways that we help prevent drug abuse in our community.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that you may have different organizations you want to help and donate to. So, why choose us? Our Milan Prevention Coalition is dedicated to providing information to all individuals who seek a drug-free lifestyle. We provide resources, talk with our community, and even have social media outreach to garner the best opportunity to make Milan and Tennessee a safe and drug free place to be.

With Cash

If you are wanting to make a cash donation, please send your donation to
P O Box 205 Milan TN 38358
in a sealed and secure envelope.

By Check

If you are wanting to send a check donation, please send your donation to
P O Box 205 Milan TN 38358
and please make the check out to
Milan Prevention Coalition.

Venmo Donation