Kenneth bonds

My name is Kenneth Bonds, I am Founder and CEO of BTS Exclusive. BTS stands for “Broadcasting Teen Safety.”

BTS Exclusive performs live; it’s own music which encourages the listening audience to not fall prey to the social ills that are destroying the lives of so many teens in America today. BTS Exclusive writes “P.S.A. Music” (Prevention, Safety, Awareness)  covering genres such as hip hop, country, rock, pop and etc.

BTS Exclusive main focus is on (but not limited too) elementary to college students and the importance of “PREVENTION, SAFETY and AWARENESS.” We have written and produced songs that focus on issues such as importance of an education, opioid crisis, gun violence, suicide, child abuse, bullying, tobacco, impaired driving, texting and driving, seatbelt safety, and speaking out against deviant behavior in schools and communities.

BTS Exclusive’s mission is while entertaining today’s youth we inform, educate and “Spread and Shed P.S.A.” We Spread and Shed Light on PREVENTION, SAFETY, AWARENESS and the social dangers teens will face daily in life.

In closing, BTS looks forward to and would love the opportunity to work with you to help us get the message out.

For further information feel free to contact [email protected] or call (731) 487-8764.

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